Hosted Data Solutions

How much does hosted data mining cost? How do you charge?

We typically charge hourly rates which includes database and data mining software. Additional monthly fees might apply depending on specific hardware and security requirements.

Will my data be secure?

A variety of platforms and security options are available and solutions can be customized to meet your security requirements. Examples include 1.) A fully hosted option where your data resides in a dedicated database on our servers administered by our team. 2.) A hosted option on dedicated hardware in our data centers administered by client. 3.) Use of remote access to client systems at their locations.

How are data analytics solutions delivered?

We can provide results in multiple manners depending on client specific needs. Methods range from providing static reports to working interactively via remote sessions with clients to analyze and refine results.

How much data can you process?

We typically work with up to several hundred million rows of data. Our text mining systems have run successfully on over 200 million rows.

Can we change to an on site solution at later time?

Yes, we can work with our vendors on licensing and suppor requirements to move any of our processes to your location.

Call Center Billing Audits

How much does a call center billing audit cost? How do you charge?

As with our other analytics solutions, we typically charge hourly for call center billing audits. If dedicated configurations are required, additional monthly charges might apply.

What types of billing errors can you find?

We have found numerous different types of data and reporting errors that cause incorrect billing. Examples include billing of wrong call types, charges for agents in non billable states, double or other multiple counting of time agents spend in billable work states, inclusion of incorrect agents, and incorrect charges for supervisors time.

What is the typical amount of billing errors found?

Our audits have found billing errors of over $100k per month for a single call center. More typically errors are in the range of $10k-$20k per month.

How long does a call center billing audit take?

The amount of time for an audit is dependent on how long it takes for us to receive audit data from clients and their suppliers. Most audits complete in two to three months.

Will you work on contingency fee basis?

We're open to discussing contingency and other flexible fee structures.