Do you know if you're overcharged for outsourced call center services?
DataDrillers' detailed call center billing audits have found significant errors in over ninety percent of audits performed, and eighty percent of errors favored service providers.

If you use an outsourced call center service provider, DataDrillers billing audit service can determine whether your providers charge correctly for their services --- and whether there are overcharges that can be recovered.

If you are an outsourced service provider, independent validation of your billing formulas and processes is a good practice and can eliminate situations of clients independently discovering your billing errors.

Call Center Billing Audits
  • Recover Past Overcharges
  • Reduce Future Expenses
  • Establish Best Practice
  • Standardize Billing And Reporting

DataDrillers experience auditing outsourced call center invoicing has found that invoices frequently contain significant errors, and errors most often favor the service providers.

If you use outsourced call center services provider, chances are that you receive a monthly invoice that summarizes hundreds of thousands call records into a few line items. These line items provide little visibility of the charges behind them, and you have no real way to determine accuracy of invoiced charges.

The internals of call center billing is complex. It's based on calculations of call center specific metrics such as work time, talk time, handle time, and agent productivity. Each of these measures can be assembled from multiple switch specific and agent detailed work states. Different rates can apply to different campaign and phone number combinations, agents can perform work on multiple calls at a time, and possibly work for more than one customer at a time.

With this type of environment, the opportunity for billing errors is large. Small errors in billing formulas can have a major impact on amounts charged. We have found that many providers have not automated their backend billing processes and rely on manual processes that involve cut-and-paste into spreadsheets for invoicing on multi-million dollar accounts.

DataDrillers call center invoice audit service helps to ensure your billing is correct. We are uniquely positioned to validate center invoicing. Our backgrounds are in call center and telecom switch level interfaces and our team members have designed entire billing systems for call centers. Our combined telecom switch, call center, and data analytics experience means we understand the data we're looking at and we work to put it to use for you.

DataDrillers conducts invoice audits at the telecom switch and agent state levels rather than using derived vendor created reports and data sources. Using switch data, we recreate invoices and reports using industry standard billing formulas and then compare results with invoices provided by the vendors. Any discrepancies are noted and worked out as needed with the vendors. If significant errors are identified, we can easily bring more historical data into the system to determine their extent.