Advanced Data Mining

Early Warning with Multi-Variable Statistical Process Control Charts

Text Mining
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction scores by discovering the combinations of variables that your most unsatisfied and/or satisfied customers have in common. Once known, efforts can be focused on eliminating or encouraging the drivers.

Discover Emerging Product Quality Issues Control Chart Data Mining

Identify emerging quality issues while they are still small in quantity and before they become major issues. Based on Six Sigma techniques, our statistical process control chart data mining algorithm can detect combinations of variables, including free form text, that produce a statistically significant quantity of events, even when low in number.

For example, early detection of an issue like a high defect rate on a certain combination of product, part, and product age could be invaluable if detected and corrected early, before it produced a huge number of failures.

Increase Customers Satisfaction with Text Mining and Analysis of Survey Comments

Understand what customers have to say about your organization through text mining of all survey comments and correlation of comments and scores back to sales and CRM data.

A thorough analysis of customer comments can be a rich source of insights for an organization. We've found that comments from satisfied customers are oftentimes ignored because of the large volume of data involved in the analysis process; leaving only the comments from dissatisfied customers analyzed. Our text mining service can process millions of records in minutes making all survey comments available for analysis. As a result, more insight and deeper understanding of the customer experience is available.

Call Center Cost Reduction

Discover the combination of variables that drive the highest number or newest types of calls into your customer support centers. Once the combinations driving these is known, processes can be created to divert them to online support.