DataDrillers provides multiple data mining services to help clients gain better insight into their data. Services include, but are not limited to data exploration and text mining to fully hosted automated data mining and discovery. Our service model is flexible and depends on client specific needs. In a typical engagement DataDrillers provides the software and platforms, clients provide data, and we work together to determine specific needs and outputs.

Data Exploration - Our data exploration service provides a platform that supports rapid interactive data analysis. We provide an easy-to-use, intuitive drag and drop interface facilitating quick exploration of your data and allowing analysis of multiple scenarios and data combinations.

Text Mining - Our text mining service transforms often ignored free-form text data, such as survey comments and CRM call note fields, into usable and actionable information. Don't let space or processing constraints slow you down, DataDrillers platforms can process millions of free-form text records and quickly provide valuable new insights from this key data.

DataDrillers can also integrate text mining results with other structured data to allow full interactive data exploration of text with nontext data. Combining text and nontext data facilitates even greater discovery opportunities --- such as how service issues and survey comments on a particular product align with other products.

Automated Data Mining - DataDrillers advanced data mining platforms can automatically analyze millions of combinations of data variables, including text mining results, and discover the combinations that produce "interesting" patterns and trends. These discoveries often identify opportunities that aren't yet known to exist and can also provide valuable new insights and fresh ways of understanding existing data.

Our automated systems can perform the work of entire teams of analysts conducting manual data exploration. Human analysis can be limited, our automated systems' unbiased approach can discover relationships that a human analysts might not have the knowledge nor patience to recognize or look for.

Hosting Configurations - As service providers we are able to work in a variety of hosted environments and configurations. From providing full hosting on our systems to working via remote access on our client's systems, DataDrillers works with clients to establish an environment that suits the specific configuration and/or security requirements.